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You Should Be Furious

Post Published: September 11, 2023

Roda Bashe.

Free Palestine.

Police Brutality.

Climate Change.

School Shootings.

Cost of Living Crisis.

Reversal of Roe v Wade.

Everything Ron DeSantis does.

You should be furious and rage-filled by the current state of things; everything.

Far be it from me to tell anyone what to feel, but… If you’re not harboring a burning fury at the injustices which plague our world and directly affect your lives, and future generations, you may be suffering a neurological malfunction.

Look around. Read an article. Talk with people who are less “fortunate” than you. Seek out conversation with people who have different life experiences than yours. Listen to those who are further than you from the cis het white male point in society.

It’s never enough to say you feel bad about something.

How unfortunate! Those poor people.  Let me tell you something, friend: we are those poor people. Also, news flash, buddy: You should feel bad about the many injustices which others experience.

Injustice itself should make you feel sick to your stomach. We should all feel bad when avoidable pain is enacted onto our brothers and sisters across the world.

Whether it’s communities suffering a lack of clean water due to corporate greed and legislative incompetence, or the insane human rights violations occurring in Palestine. We should feel bad.

Feeling bad is baseline. Feelings become unimportant and downright useless when they’re not followed by action. Do something about feeling bad. You want to stop feeling bad? TAKE ACTION. Don’t turn a blind eye, thinking “glad it’s not me,” and then try to get on with your life.

I don’t care how much money you make, or what your credit score is. It doesn’t matter what degree you have, or how good your job, or how proud of you your mommy is. Your life is in shambles so long as anyone’s life is threatened. That means all of our lives are in shambles. We are all karmically linked because we’re all here, alive now, in this hellscape reality together.

If you have a sore throat, or a fever, do you just let it run its course? Or do you drink fluids, take medicine, get rest and attempt to heal your body? Do you take the necessary steps to flood your body with nutrients which combat your sickness, and provide your cells time enough (rest) to correct themselves?

The same applies to your emotions. If you feel badly, DO SOMETHING. And the very same applies to your emotions related to the decaying Earth and detrimental, outdated social policies which are killing the planet and its inhabitants.

What Can You Do?

Feel your feelings, and believe you can do something about them. Then observe the world and acknowledge the truth. Communicate with others in truth and hear what they are telling you. Finally, align yourself with those doing the work and join in. Actively participate in creating manifesting change.

Believe In Your Individual Power

One thing I’ve noticed in most of the people I’ve met in life is that they believe they’re powerless. More than they believe in the “Gods” they were raised on, people believe that they have little personal power.

If you woke up today you have power. Period, point blank. I won’t fault you for believing the social conditioning and deliberate brainwashing that aims to convince us all that we are below Power.

We are comprised of Power, inherently. Being alive means having power. Like a battery though, you have as much power as you have charged up. You also have as much power as you’re willing to use. The more “charged up” you’re willing to become, the more power you’ll have at your disposal. But now we’re veering into energy work and alchemy and I don’t know who’s ready for that.

That’s how and why your emotions are useful in the important work – we all have to do – of eradicating injustice. Let the sadness turn to rage, the rage to fire, the fire to action.

Basically, the first thing we all need to do is BELIEVE IN OURSELVES.

Aside from cultivating confidence in yourself to participate in changing the world, you can also inform yourself more, and communicate more with others. As previously stated: Look around. Read. Talk to others. Listen. The ACT.

Observe & Acknowledge

Basically, observe and acknowledge the reality of your circumstance, of our shared circumstance. Accept that within the living Universe no spec of dust particle in any corner is disconnected from any other particle in any other corner. There is no other, as there is no spoon.

Inform yourself of what’s going on. I don’t mean by paying to get past paywalls on news websites (I can bypass the LA Times paywall, if you want. Follow me on Instagram and I’ll tell you how.)

Inform yourself with direct knowledge from those in the fight for equality, on the ground. Read about proposed legislation that threatens trans people. Find out what legislation is in the works in your own community, and learn if/how it will adversely affect poor people. Look for the truth on your own. Attend council meetings. Find out what these fools are doing with their 20% of your wages. 

Communicate & Connect With People Who Are Suffering

Take your fucking pick hey! Marginalized people are all around you, everywhere. Trans people. Poor people. Disabled people. Battered women. Abused children. Sexual assault survivors. They are there. They are everywhere. You won’t have to look far. You have to do more work not to see them. There are no invisible suffering people.

Find them and ask questions. Ask how you can help. Ask what their ideal world looks like. Ask what they need today. Ask about their friends, family, and peers.

I won’t entertain the cowardice of social anxiety in this context. People are suffering, our planet is dying, and you feel weird doing the most basic human social interaction of saying “hello, how are you doing?” Hits different when you have to ask it in earnest huh?

Ask someone how they are really doing and ask them what you can do to help them. That’s the starting point of forming a genuine human connection, and cultivating community. Community is (and has always been) the magic solvent against evil, inequality, and injustice.

Get Active.

Exercise. NO, really. If your body can move, MOVE IT. Use it or lose it, besties. There are people who cannot use their bodies the way most of us can. There are people suffering disabilities and discrimination (in schools and in the work place) because of their disabilities.

Get healthy, because you’ll need your strength to fight for them.

If you can move your body, MOVE IT. Make yourself fit and stronger. For your health. For more energy, and clarity of mind. Get physically active, and then get active socio-politically.

Get active in the process of government.

If you’re going to keep participating in a “society” don’t do so passively. Aggressively engage with the politics of your space in time. Know your local “leaders.” Call, e-mail, and write them. Keep them busy. Make them work for their own peace. Show up where they are. And press them to deliver the will of the people. Press them not to bend over for corporate contracts. Become INVOLVED.

Live your beliefs.

Look, I know everyone ain’t built for expat life. If anyone you know was gonna book it it was definitely me. I understand everyone isn’t that bold, daring, or wild. But you can live in your other beliefs. You’re already living in your beliefs. Everyday that you don’t engage in dismantling corporate greed, the prison industrial complex, capitalism, patriarchy, or monarchies you’re living according to the belief that none of those things is problematic.

If you believe any (or all) of those things are problematic, then get mad about it. You should be furious! Stay mad, and get actively involved in destroying them. The future is counting on all of us.



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