Post Published: January 13, 2023  

What’s The Point

Disney really gave us characters named girl boy the fool and beast.

Now. Hold on a minute.

I can not believe that all we ever really have in this life is our bodies. And yet, we are not them.

So what is really going on here?

This week has been a slow unravelling and constant reknitting.

Glad to report that the results of the 600 crunches I did last week and the 100 reverse I did a few days ago decided to join me this afternoon.

Past that, I have very little else to show for any of my efforts.

It’s been a whirlpool. An absolute uncalled for, unwarranted, whirlpool.

It almost makes you not want to drink your water. Anyway kids, what’s confidence? What’s validation? What’s the point and the purpose? What’s the hurry?

Don’t ask me. I most certainly do not know.


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