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What I Am Becoming: A recognition of Self.

Post Published: September 9, 2023

When I was a very small child I used to be visited in my dreams by a terrifying alternate version of a very dear loved one.

I’m now coming to understand that this visitor may have actually been some member of my spirit team /or/ some version of my future self.

I don’t know why she thought it would be cool to run up on a teeny tiny tot in the middle of the night. But who knows why apparitions do anything at all?

It’s now that I’m finally well into my own Womanhood, and more discerning of how to use my own power, fire, and shadow, that I can see my resemblance to all of the women (and images of Woman) who make up what I have become and am becoming still.

a recognition of self

Buckle in.

Anyway new galleries go up on Saturdays at midnight EST. So you know where to go and what to do 🌹


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