Post Published: October 30, 2022  


There are such things

as male sirens.

Beautiful, man-boys who play coy,

who charm and dazzle, and can

even feign intelligence,

they who are ultimately


little children, possessed

by a gaping need for love so strong

and deep

that they devour the spirit

from the hearts and loins of every woman

they meet around, whoever is

foolish enough to feel,

compelled to pour

an impossibly unrequited and

baseless love into the thing,

to nurture, and to spoil it,

to surrender over all of her time

to teach an unlearnable lesson

of which she is, in fact,

in need

in exchange for

a lust unsatisfied, and

a temporary validation so light

it touches only the forearms

like a quiet breeze in the morning,

or more accurately,

a wandering gnat

buzzing beside oneโ€™s ear

in the middle of the night

October 24, 2020


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