love, Ruth Nineke

the magical invisible

Post Published: March 17, 2023
I can say that I fall in love
for the time I do fall,
out of solid reality
I glide down easy
into the magical invisible
space of sensation where
I’m enraptured by his laughter
as I hone in on
the tone of his voice,
and submerge myself
in a timeless well
of longing
to be longed for,
replete within
my own desire to encompass
his desire,
to strip out from my identity
and slide on
the embodiment of his complete
and total satisfaction
and inside an infinity
of split moments
I switch in and out of
the fantasy,
back to the present
waiting for a wink,
or a twinkle in his eye,
just a hint
at the chance to steal
some privacy
so I can explore more of
my vibration
in relation to his
center of gravity.


Tell me what you think before we both die



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