love, Ruth Nineke

The Human Part

Post Published: September 9, 2023
Big fan of the Nature
It’s the Human part
That trips me out
It’s what’s inside my heart
I’d rather not speak about
Love the sky and love the sun
Love the dogs and plants and
Especially love the ocean most
For these things can’t ever lie you see
What they are on any given day is
What you get and what you must accept
It’s the people with their eyes
And hair and nose rings and patterns
Hats and socks and stripes and
horrendous contact lenses
Their ever human need to become someone
or something else
their seeming birthright to codependence
It’s all of this that’s
So natural and so not
It’s all of that for which I fear
there is no possible escape,
for what ails and torments me so
Nowhere on the planet
or in all of time
has anyone been positively convinced
that there is a lasting cure
(c) 2019 Ruth Nineke


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