Post Published: November 2, 2022  

The Earth’s Blue Sky

The clouds today

in the Earth’s blue sky

layer down all around

Across the the horizon,

in every direction

for as far as the naked eye

can see 

the sky could not hold

the speed with which

the clouds had grown

and for their part,

it looked to me,

like the clouds had decided

to compete

with one another,

to come down here

and kiss the trees

But the beauty was

how they engaged in their game

so leisurely

and I thought of you

and I thought of me

when I woke up

half way through

hour three

I saw you as great

as the earth, and every tree

upon its surface,

and I was as eager as each

and every cloud

highlighted by the sun

to drop down

a loving kiss

upon each one

So I set about

to write this out

as though words

could ever

really say

what I saw today,

or how it made me feel

Like I could ever

make you know

what you mean to me

Till I realized that

maybe you were the  clouds

and I was the trees


it didn’t make any difference

Because just like nature

We’re going to be

whatever we are,


copyright 2010 


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