love, Ruth Nineke

The Cold Unholy

Post Published: July 26, 2023

I can think of very little these past few days
without my saturated emotions pleading their tears
through my surfaces,
without electric agony sparking against my sinuses, and
curling my back, lacquering my skin into
furious submission

And as I review the dates upon my pages
I’m made aware
that the flood has had her way with me
for several many weeks now,
many years

I talk to myself
and to the God
to the father and
to the cold unholy Devil
within my mind, sometimes
out loud, as I make the rounds inside my box

All the replies are brief, neither conversation
nor entity yields
and in the darkness I vainly harness
thin layers of memory,
decompressing and regenerating
an ultraviolet fantasy of faith
based upon
an apparated belief

We want for nothing as we are above desires
and what they mean
and we want for everything
which whispers to stimulating tensions unseen
And nearly, always, every time
we’ll run away from ourselves
in spiraling circles to escape the consequence
of the delusion we perpetuate in our
desperately pure and passionately human
crimes and sacrifice


Tell me what you think before we both die



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