The Beerman

Post Published: November 3, 2022

(from HATI-HATI)

I reached for the beer, 

but you reached for my lips

and you kissed just 

like someone who’d hurt me 

just a little bit

if I let him

But I couldn’t remember that 

the second time

And with my leg 


upon your chest

You had to know I’d be easy 

to get in bed

That’s okay

so I forgot you were a charmer,

and nothing more 

than a showman, 

a one man band and 

with a loaded caravan

packed up to the brim with 

misty warm wet whims 

and quips, 

quick pecks on the lips

selling all of the snow 

to half-melted snowmen

copyright 2018


Tell me what you think before we both die




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