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Smile, Sweetheart. Nobody Cares.

Post Published: October 24, 2020

I once liked a guy who often closed any insightful chats we shared with “No one cares. Nobody cares.”

There was always a whiny emphasis on the repetition, an urgency in his tone to end the discussion there, to settle the finality and truth of his nihilistic worldview into the romantically fertile landscape my brain over which he’d been given jurisdiction for the time.

I’m starting to believe it worked. Or, perhaps, I’ve always been a nihilist myself, beneath my own fabrications and bullshit. That’s probably more likely, given my tastes in apathetic and detached men.

But this isn’t about my boring and predictably short-lived love affairs. This is about the Truth, as I am discovering it, as it is revealing itself to me. This is about Truth as I perceive it, and so in itself the Truth can never fit its own rigid definition. Because, as I discover and perceive it, Truth is a construction of the individual perception.

And individuals are funnels of bullshit.

In any event, it’s true that nobody cares.


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