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Post Published: October 17, 2020

My dream this morning

was about the chase,

about lying with grace,

running on stairs,

jumping rails,

uselessly chatting

and smiling to save face.

I heard the demons’ voices,

saw the voids

inside their eyes.

I knew that we all

deal with the exact same


spit our shit,


and respect our spirit,

move in truth,

or continue on

fluffing the disguise.

But I could also feel


the horror and the power,

the weighted threat,

the fear of a possession

hunting you down so close

but it hasn’t taken hold yet.

Picture movies inside my head:

A lover hologram,

up and down

and off the fence,

forever in blue jeans

and my dreams

tougher to rip

than good denim

those damn denials,

And suddenly I’m so shy

to meet my favorite rapper

in these streets,

to behold his perfectly

Earthly, Divinely bestowed

skin tone

So very nice of him

not to leave me when

I was scared

In the open station,

believing that I was now

completely all alone

And Sarah Paulson was there…

October 17, 2020


Tell me what you think before we both die



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