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Pleasure Points

Post Published: August 15, 2023

Putting down ideas as they come, not overwhelmed with any need to revise or clarify. You pick up what I’m putting down or you don’t.

You have to think about it, if the sight – or even the mere knowledge – of someone else’s joy makes you upset, the problem is you.

Familiar territory for me to be sure. I’m not always a hater. And not generally. I’m a very directed hater, and I justify it, but it don’t make it any less true. When I get upset at other people’s joy I know infinity percent that’s a me issue. That’s me being a hater.

I’ll tap into all-encompassing, inclusive, and perpetual love for all living beings when I get to the next evolution in my consciousness (wouldn’t bank on this lifetime/timeline, but who knows?). In the meantime the very best I can muster is the self-awareness and integrity to admit when I’m hating.

Anyway, I was editing some pics, and pondering over the way nudity and explicit content is always being censored. But it’s nearly always women’s bodies. And the majority of that censorship is done by western companies. So AGAIN the onus for sexualization falls on women, and not on the men who desire them to the point of blindness and stupidity.

And so society is always contorting itself to make things easier for men. And so long as it does, mankind will fail to evolve.

Did you know that there are some men who can see a picture and not comment on it, or not attempt to message a women with pointless and unfulfilling banter. There are men who  can beat their meat in comfort and silence, and spare everyone the embarrassment of harassment.

Censorship and the control of sexualization has absolutely nothing to do with obscenity, or women needing to be covered, and everything to do with preventing men from embarrassing themselves. And let  “The West” tell it, it’s the Arab Muslims who are misogynists.

Spoiler alert: In a patriarchal world everyone is a misogynist. You. Me, your mom, my mom. Everyone IS A MISOGYNIST INSIDE A PATRIARCHAL WORLD because everything that isn’t the white man is perceived as an enemy and we’re conditioned toward the competition.

Anyway, a better idea than covering up is that the human form is glorious and even the sight of it can bring pleasure. Another idea is that pleasure is vital to living. Another idea is that if you believe in any God at all, you have to acknowledge that while this life is inherently suffering, ALL THE GODS delivered guides and messages for the living beings to find joy (in/through God).

What activities bring the living being closer to the Divine?

Creative activities. Pleasurable activities. 

These don’t have to be rigidly defined either. Where you find pleasure, and how you create pleasure is up to you. The things that deliver you from the suffering of this material life – no matter how temporary – and allow you to glimpse possibility and wonder, are the things you should focus ALL of your energy on. 

It works whether or not you want to believe in magic, manifestation or any of the “Gods.” It works for the expansion of your joy. And if you can tap into joy more often, you become disinclined toward hating.

Once you get a good heady whiff of joy you understand that everyone deserves that. Everyone. Every living being. Every body. Everybody inside of a body. Everyone deserves joy. 

And any attempt to intellectualize a rebuttal is hater energy. Why would you want to argue that anyone wouldn’t deserve joy? Is that who you want to be? Does it spark joy inside of you to deny joy to others? 

Be creative and find YOUR OWN pleasure. It’s the ticket to freedom. 

Or be a hater. Enjoy the chest pains, and the chains.



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