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Onward, Ho!

Post Published: October 8, 2020

Please pardon this intrusion, of my fanciest whims, these whirling dervish illusions u-turning and course-correcting my 3rd dimension inertia as I wake each day and lay claim to my inherent right to create and face another brand new confusion

A misfit am I at the masquerade of life, strung out on blind faith, searching only mostly for the eternal kiss of love, sharing a fleeting meeting with spirit, a split second pinch of bliss, the punch drunk sensation of glimpsing at all the secrets below and above as I crack open and glue my guts to the totem, to leave a marker that I can I remember the way I came.

Like just in case… But I don’t want to go backwards because nothing there in the past can ever be the same.

Onward Ho! Forward we go. Thanks for the memories, keep my image fondly in the locked boxes of your mind, until such time as one day, you somehow find a way to buy the ticket and take that ride.

October 8, 2020


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