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On Fantasy Island

Post Published: October 31, 2020

One thing I really don’t like about Bali and the expat crew, is how everyone is always putting up this façade about beauty and positivity and how lucky we all are.

Yes, sure, the beach, the clouds, sunset, the cheap beers, the parties. We are on permanent vacation.

But is that really as positive and beautiful as the grinning idiot might suggest?

Inside the colors and beneath the filters there are realities. And what could ever be more beautiful or positive than looking at the actual truth?

Are we really so lucky if we can’t even uncover ourselves?

I sometimes feel out of place. I say often that no one likes me (because they don’t) and I don’t care (because I don’t). All I’ve ever cared about is learning things and knowing the truth (And my 💰). But I don’t think I’m actually as out of place as it might look. If I’m putting people off then I’m probably in exactly the right place.

My job is to make people look.

I’m the kind of person you can’t quite fully ignore. And how you feel about that is a you problem. No one wants to look at their problems. And yet, that’s exactly why we’re all here.

On fantasy island.


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