love, Ruth Nineke

My Name Is Pain

Post Published: October 30, 2022

Every break up hurts a little worse

A little different

Cinnamon sweet, liquor-lacquered fast talkers

Engineers, business men, creators,

Players and their games

Different rules, and accents

Yet all present the same proof

That love is a mistake and

Opening up is always a greater risk

For the low reward of no regard

Each first hello in caution or excitement

Can only guarantee its own final scalding

A brutal and dramatic goodbye

seeped in delirious pain

You’ll never convince me otherwise,

to keep dreaming and believing in

My own stories and lies

I’ve already spent

the best years of my life

betting my chips

Letting them in, getting my kicks

and taking my licks

From heavy petting and sloppy wet

Kisses on my plumb and pink lips

And as I reminisce now

I find Myself in the thick of memory

Where the plainest of truths

reveals itself to me

Not one single prick was ever worth

The blood in my eyes

September 7, 2020


Tell me what you think before we both die



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