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Melancholy In May

Post Published: January 11, 2024
A preview from my book, HATI-HATI

I’m still melancholy. I may be here a while. I think that I want to be here a while. I really want, for now, to just be alone with myself and my thoughts, and fears, and pain, and dreams, and hope. I want to heal myself and not look for that fixing from other people.

It’s okay, I think, that I will like other people but I really don’t want to get swept up and carried away anymore. I want something real and stable and lasting. I know I don’t want to be alone forever but I also don’t want to settle for something that isn’t fulfilling or enriching me.

I just feel very exposed and very in need and very bruised. I’m afraid in some ways of my own love, because I don’t know how pure it is. I don’t know how good my love is, or how sustaining, because I’m stuck to these failures.

It’s okay though, I guess, that the things don’t last, because that’s just how life goes.
But it still really hurts me to lose. And even though I know I shouldn’t dwell too much I don’t want to ignore my emotions either.

I’m sorry for how things went with Bunny.
I shouldn’t have just vanished on her, but I needed to leave and I needed to listen to myself, and trust my own instincts. I’m just leaning toward this place of guarding myself; like heavy, heavy guarding. I don’t want to distrust everyone forever, but I also do not want to let just anybody in.

I realize my exclusivity is going to be isolating and that it’s a dangerous balance I may not achieve. I realize I’m risking a permanently lonely life if I don’t figure out how to stop pushing people away and running from my own deeper feelings.

I’m okay with the risk.


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