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Making A Magical Manifestation Gift Box

Post Published: August 16, 2023

Buckle in birds. I got a hankerin for some mild arts & crafts the other afternoon, and it wasn’t the first time. If you have the privilege of following me on Instagram you know I caught a similar feeling back in March. This time I decided to make myself a Manifestation Box.

What is a Manifestation Box?

A Manifestation Box is basically like a piggy bank for your wishes. You write them down, you tuck them inside, and every day when you do your meditations, or place your offerings at your altar, you sprinkle some extra special gratitude and love vibes over the box – to grow your wishes.

Say this part out loud so you really get it:

It’s all in your mind.

And that’s the fucking point. Your Magical Manifestation Gift Box is a physical talisman that YOU MAKE with YOUR OWN HANDS and it holds all your dreams, goals, manifestations, and wishes, along with the affirmative energy of gratitude and LOVE that you effused while you made it. Bitch, it’s vibrations. Get a fucking clue.

I got this idea that the best way to manifest my goals and wishes for the last part of the year would be to write them down, set em and forget em. The goal is to script my wishes, put them down, and store them somewhere sacred/safe and covered in exceptional vibes.

Because I have a personality which generally leans toward obsessive, I wanted to bring my attention away from specific manifestations and wishes and the cluster-fuck of distracting thoughts which surround them. The idea is to put a wish in the box, and let it go, and to vibe out with the box alone. So everyday when I light my candles and set my intentional vibes, I just include the box in my gratitude and love and joy, and I water everything in it indiscriminately and non-obsessively.

Welcome to the Delulu Spectacular. Join me.

How to make your Manifestation Box

1 – Get in the frequency. Put on your favorite tunes. Spark a doob. Light a candle. Sip some wine, idc. Just get in *your* most ideal zone.

2. Grab some paper, glitter, markers, glue, felt, etc. You’re going to decorate your box any way you want. It’s yours. The important part here is sprinkling some positive affirmations around the box. I personally included these bangers on mine: You are magic! The Universe is working with you at ALL Times. ALL EVENTS UNFOLD IN MY FAVOR. Go ham on this. Affirm to high heaven. There is every reason to be extravagant here. These are your wishes. This is YOUR MAGIC BOX. Pump it upppp!

3. Make a box from heavy paper / card stock. Or decorate a pre-made box. Again, the important part here is that you personalize the thing and that you do so with excitement, and dare I say glee! You’re manifesting the magical powers of the box, by infusing it with your inherent magic. And you need to do so with your hands (the mani in manifesting) and with your joy and happiness.

All three steps are related. Get in a good mood and make a box with your hands. WRITE YOUR AFFIRMATIONS WITH YOUR HANDS. DECORATE THE BOX WITH YOUR HANDS.

Watch me make my box below. Plus, here’s my Manifest Dat playlist if you wanna borrow some vibes.


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