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I’m very sensitive, and expressive. Obviously. I’ve noticed people seem interested in me. Many, for the wrong reasons. I don’t know if it’s because I make myself too available, or that I’m too trusting, or too naïve, or what.

Something time has taught me is that people want to know the details of your life, but they often don’t have the scope to really care for your humanity. A lot of people can’t match or return my energy. So, I’ve decided to make you pay.

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Love, Ruth Nineke

About & Disclaimer:

I’m a writer. This is a personal website with my ideas and real life experiences and creative expressions. I don’t mean harm. I mean encouragement, inspiration, and truth. Above all, I mean my own mental stability.  If anything on this website hurts your feelings in someway, you can send a message through social media and we can discuss it. If I use a picture or artwork of yours and you want it removed, I’ll take it down. Other than that, don’t whine and bitch to me. I don’t really care. I encourage you to start your own project and find a way to positively express yourself.

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