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It wasn’t Michelle’s problem that Brenda was starved for love and affection

Post Published: November 3, 2022

From This Is Growing Up

Kevin relished female attention, and he loved her forwardness.

They fingered and groped a few minutes more befor returning to the party. Stealing glances and sneaking grabs at one another only increased the attraction. Their trysts continued for the remainder of that school year, throughout the summer, and into junior year. 

The more they became involved, the more determined Michelle was to have Kevin all to herself – for good. She urged him to dump Brenda, but he wouldn’t hear it. Michelle wouldn’t give up because she knew as long as Kevin kept seeing her she had shot at winning.

It wasn’t Michelle’s problem that Brenda was starved for love and affection at home and needed the world’s approval. If she was too beguiled by Kevin’s all-star golden boy persona to see his real nature, and know how to match him, then she didn’t deserve him.

It didn’t matter if Brenda thought they were best friends. Their friendship faded out when Michelle considered how deeply she and Kevin understood each other. It felt like they were the real couple and, as far as she was concerned, the only reason that wasn’t true was because Brenda had gotten there first.

One night, after fooling around in the bedroom where they’d first started nearly a year earlier, Michelle pushed Kevin for a decision. She told him Brenda would never satisfy him the way she did. She said they both knew he didn’t really love Brenda, or he wouldn’t keep coming to her. 

That was the first time he hit her. He slapped her with the back of his hand, and screamed for her to shut up, because Brenda was his girlfriend and he wasn’t going to hurt her that way. Michelle shouted back that he was already hurting her. 

When she picked up the phone, and threatened to call Brenda, Kevin changed his tune and apologized. He admitted she was right about them, but said he couldn’t break up with Brenda until they figured out which schools they were applying to. He promised not to hit Michelle again, if she promised to stop pressuring him. 

Even though she’d agreed at the time, Michelle’s jealousy found no relief. She only became more determined to break them up and keep Kevin. 

Suddenly there it was… She made sure to always have condoms whenever they met, and sure to puncture at least four holes in each of them before-hand. She somehow convinced her mother to put her on birth control. Michelle showed the pills to Kevin, but never took them. 

During the summer before their senior year Michelle screwed Kevin nearly every day. She was intent on becoming pregnant while Brenda was away, visiting her cousin. 

By the time school started she’d succeeded, and was ready to break ties with her neighbor. Michelle didn’t see any point in pretending they were still friends. She avoided Brenda in the halls at Montgomery, and at home in their neighborhood.

One evening in the middle of September Kevin called to let her know Brenda was worried. He urged Michelle to be honest with him, so she confessed that she was pregnant. She gave him a week to tell Brenda. 

After Michelle told Rebecca, and Kevin’s parents decided they should get married, she moved in with his family. Brenda disappeared sometime before Christmas, maybe even before Thanksgiving. Michelle didn’t know for sure, and she didn’t care.

The life she’d always wanted was becoming hers. She’d found loving parents in David and Jaclyn, who happily bought her a house for the baby. Finally, Michelle had a permanent home, and a real family. 

She hadn’t once felt ashamed of being a teenage mother, nor did she battle any regret for stealing her best friend’s boyfriend. Michelle never thought of Brenda. She gave no consideration at all to the rightness or wrongness of how her life was unfolding.


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