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I love running. Away.

Post Published: December 27, 2023

My favorite is in the early morning when it’s still blue out and the roads are clear and hardly anybody’s there save for the street sweepers and the Ibus, and farmers as the markets are starting. Because they don’t care about me, and as I huff and puff and pump and lift and hit my rhythm to guide myself steadily on, I glide along the smooth concrete free and unperceived between the strips of strangers who couldn’t recognize me. This is the best time to make my sweat and put in the work of very healthily transforming the hurt, turning up the block and making my routine little mistakes worth something at the start of the day. I love a good throbbing temple, and a burning chest, shiny shins and a twisting stomach stretching and retracting with each powerful breath. Nothing beats this feeling of freedom and control, my body, my motion, my mind, my time alone in the cool sunrise, evading my demons and propelling forward my soul.


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