Post Published: October 30, 2022  

How To Respect Yourself?

It’s so easy to internalize.

It’s so easy to project

but what would it be like,

do you think,

once you realized

how to respect yourself?

There’s so much inside

our minds

to fear, when we go

walking there behind

our eyes

after midnight,

peering through the halls

that house the boxes

where we store

the lies of our past


And as the sun rises,

glowing in the corner,

each day shows us

there’s so much more

yet unknown.

Pain and pleasure

can both be

addictive and dangerous,

healing and confusing

whether you deny

one or the other,

whether you decide

to mix them together.

The idea is that after this

when I pay my toll

across the river

I want to believe

my ticket will read

“she absolutely

gave it her best shot.

She took what she wanted

and she loved what she got”

June 2, 2020


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