love, Ruth Nineke

love letters to myself,
my friends & foes, my lovers & my demons.
confessions, reflections, notes, poems, ramblings, philosophy, insight.
life is hard and messy.
we'll get through it.
by expressing ourselves.

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About & Disclaimer

I’m a writer. This is a personal website with my ideas and real life experiences and creative expressions. I don’t mean harm. I mean encouragement, inspiration, and truth. Above all, I mean my own mental stability.  If anything on this website hurts your feelings in someway, you can send a message through social media and we can discuss it. Doesn’t mean I’ll remove my writing, but if you need space to talk I’ll give you that much. If I use a picture or artwork of yours and you want it removed, I’ll take it down. Other than that, don’t whine and bitch to me. I don’t really care. I encourage you to start your own project and find a way to express yourself that makes you feel truly good about yourself.

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