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Flexing Like A GD Acrobat

Post Published: February 24, 2024

The following is a composition of verbal, emotional, and mental gymnastics meant to awe, inspire, and entertain you:

Hello from Kuala Lumpur!

Bitch what?!

Things change, the Universe deals you hands, you play your cards, you waste your turns, you live, laugh, love Russians, and learn.

I dk what else to tell you.

Did I ever really love a Russian? You tell me. Did I ever really love any one? Jury’s out to lunch.


around 2pm Thursday afternoon I had one of those flashbacks you get of a man’s arms wrapped around you, and the solid sturdiness of his shoulders and back as their breadth fills your palms, and you kind of just get paralyzed like your foot fell asleep, except it’s your entire nervous system time-travelling, and it’s sofa king good and sofa king awful at the same time and you just have to breathe through it and let it pass.

And then around 8am Saturday morning I had a little spell of tears, when the realization landed that – please buckle in for this – we actually do manifest our realities from our thoughts, and even more so from our fucking belief systems. Unfortunately and ESPECIALLY our negative ones.

And then I learned where and how and when a good thing goes bad it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of a world that you had with one girl. So what I did was I opened my journal and led with gratitude.

Like I was grateful that I was where I was in that exact moment, enjoying peace and quiet on a Saturday morning. I was grateful for my sick blowout. I was grateful to have the time to decompress. I was grateful to be free, on the other side of the world from I where I grew up.

And then I got into the pulp of the matter. And there was the real gift.

Inside of the lies we tell ourselves and believe, there is the truth waiting for us to discover it. It’s cute. It’s personal. It’s mine and that’s fine.

Enjoy this video.

Love you.

Love, Ruth Nineke


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