love, Ruth Nineke

Work on Progress; Deeper, Still

Post Published: June 22, 2022

Had it really been a year since
I cried so much that afternoon, I cried for you
I cried for George
I cried for the world and all of us
I laughed with joy, in wonder as I do
For how the light played upon the leaves
In reverse.

I lay down. I spun around.
I washed myself
And I thought I knew.

It had already been a year. I can’t believe
Sometimes, how time flies

And you know I was always this way.
Just so close to the edge of unraveling
Just so desperate to be told
I was more than good enough

To be made to feel I was everything
I was your great delight
To be showered with affection and encouraged and praised
Nothing so high maintenance
You know
Just the same amount of adulation that I always gave

Oh I’ve come so far from the early days.
Now it’s an encore performance
Phoned in when I’m bored
Nothing more
It could never compare to the real me

Just a smidge more refined
Twice bitten and all of that shite
Hiding away biding my time


Tell me what you think before we both die



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