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Control Your Self

Post Published: August 31, 2023

I have been close to some people in my life who had some severely, grotesquely unhealthy rage problems.

Not anger issues. Rage. Violent, furious, abusive rage problems. And these problems deeply affected everyone close to them.

And these people very rarely took true accountability. It is only but a fraction of the thing to say “I know” or ”you’re right” or “I’m sorry.”

Words are air. Sure, words can be spells – with the right incantation and emotional energy.

But calm, quiet, slightly contrite “I’m sorry”s really don’t hold the same weight as furiously shouted, sizzling insults in the middle of a tornado.

They simply don’t match.

Anyway, I’ve recently been dealing with an unjustly amount of stupidity from others causing delays to my own personal goals.

And I can feel fury course through me. I can FEEL it inside of me. In my skin, in my cells. I can hear my brain shake and hiss. And somehow, Idk, I just breathe through and get on with that which I can control:


Grown adults have bodily autonomy. We can open our mouths or shut them. We can create problems or manifest solutions. We can break down relationships, or we can nurture ourselves.

Every moment is a choice.

And if you can not control your own mind, thoughts, words, and actions then maybe see a healthcare professional because you might have a neurological or biological or mental disorder.

Like seriously. Learn to control yourself. We are all adults here now.

Anyway, life goes on.


Tell me what you think before we both die



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