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Chatarunga, my nemesis

Post Published: July 31, 2023

O! Chatarunga! Who invented this move anyway?

I’m struggling with this pose. It’s awful. I never could do push-ups. I mean, I can do push-ups. I just do them wrong. I have bad form. But the time it takes to hold myself up and correct my form and then go down and come up again, is time that I don’t have the strength for.

There is nothing else in life that conjures my fury more than inability, or incapacity. Especially my own. I’m usually capable. I like to believe I can do just about anything I decide. And even difficult things. I’m not afraid of a challenge. I’ll throw everything I have into a challenge. It’s the activity of the throwing, of willfully attempting to overcome, that gives me more energy.

The challenge is the stimulus.

But push-ups, my goodness! There’s literally nothing. I’m just stuck. I can’t move. I can’t do them. And I try to understand them. I try to figure out the mechanics, but my body just locks.

And it infuriates.


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