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Can You Be Transparent?

If we want more clarity in our communication with others we must push ourselves, and those we interact with, to cultivate it. We have . . . Read More

Making A Magical Manifestation Gift Box

A Manifestation Box is basically like a piggy bank for your wishes. It's all in your mind. And that's the fucking point. . . . Read More

Chatarunga, my nemesis

There is nothing else in life that conjures my fury more than inability, or incapacity. Especially my own. . . . Read More

Good Advice Is Never Wasted

All the advice I give anyone else is advice that ultimately serves me the most. The words I share are perfectly timed reminders to . . . Read More

The Loudest Lie

Once you've developed a recognition and a sort of safe familiarity with your own depression all you know for sure is how it feels . . . Read More

chevron trimmings

My love covers my fear in a heavy, fancy coat, and expensive hat. It gave my doubt smart Isotoner gloves with the chevron trimmings. . . . Read More

Things Inferred

when she's sober, her eyes are clear, wide open . . . Read More

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