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Bring Both Hemispheres of Your Brain

Post Published: August 26, 2023

A few words: Sometimes I’m insanely hot and have clear skin – which is news to me – because who is that in this picture? She only ever shows up about 2% of the time and if she could add about 80% more appearances I feel like my life would be tremendously easier?

JK, I’m into challenges. JK, I want a soft life and skinny toes.

Okay, so it’s starting to feel like Mercury Rx is a holiday. A holiday that comes 3x a year and leaves tons of little droppings and insights and easter eggs. Isn’t that nice?

Special Announcement:

I’m not interested in connecting any more dots for anybody anywhere ever again. If you want to pretend that you are stupid, enjoy that. If you want to pretend you are a child learning to read, have fun with phonics.

Bring both hemispheres of your brain when you speak with me, or don’t bother. I will not being doing reviews.

We’re joining the absurd with the philosophical and scientific and artistic and we’re pulling up a chair to tea party.

Did you know that yoga is the hardest earned high you’re ever gonna get? Okay, that’s subjective. For some it could be running. But what I really came to say is that the entire gag of the WHOLE thing is that your body is the ticket to ride.


Tell me what you think before we both die



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