love, Ruth Nineke

This Is Growing Up

A story about holding on, letting go, feeling angry, directionless, jealous, and hurt, being petty, and facing the facts. This Is Growing Up depicts the fall-out from lies and shattered dreams, how three young adults learn to cope with the consequences of their actions and accept the reality of their individual circumstance.

Brenda and Kevin’s high school romance ends when he gets her best friend, Michelle, pregnant. Provoked by her verbally abusive mother, Brenda has a mental break, and runs away to live with her wildchild cousin, Alex. Meanwhile, Kevin’s do-good parents take in Michelle and prepare the teens to raise their accidental family.

Three years later, Michelle is a victim to Kevin’s rage and resentment, but she’ll do whatever it takes to preserve the life she always wanted. Bored of idling away, Brenda returns to high school to get her diploma – and satisfy her curiosity about Kevin and Michelle.