Post Published: June 18, 2022  

Be[grudgingly] Social

A woman at the guest house commented that I don’t really go over to the other kitchen. I told her I really like to keep to myself, I don’t really like people. “Oh that isn’t the impression I got of you.”

Sidenote: How many times have you met a person and gotten the wrong impression?

“Yes, well I can be polite, but it’s easier to keep out of drama. And I don’t like drama, but it always seems to find me.”

She nods sort of knowingly – but no one really knows just how much drama loves me.

And then she asks me about another person staying here. “Is she okay? She seems sad.”

I tell her she probably is. I tell her she can’t really handle being alone. I remind her that I enjoy being alone, but some people hate it. I tell her if she wants she should go over and say hi. She tells me she tried and the person ignored her. She tells me another person said they used to talk and now they don’t.

I can’t remember now how I exited the conversation but I do remember that this is exactly why I rarely go over to the other kitchen.

I don’t care who said what. I don’t care who you think is sad. I don’t care about your curious drive for social interaction.

If you want to know a person, go and know. Lead with love and open heart and that will show and people will feel safe and talk to you.

I know because as hard as I try to close off people still just want to talk to me 🙄

Anyway, there’s no point to this story. People are sad. People gossip innocently. People avoid other people.

I wrote a new poem last night. Focus.


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