Post Published: October 24, 2020  

All What You Have

We are selfish and forgetful
I heard what you said,
I only didn’t remember
because I didn’t care
and I can’t believe
you thought I would

Self-serving and all
You can eat out
your heart’s an open buffet,
what are you doing today?
Tonight? What are you doing
the rest of your life?

Any healing’s good
for as long as you’re
feeling like
You’re healing
what else can I say
I don’t think we were
ever really
supposed to end up this way

Forget about fate and
shut up about Love
Because if you believed anything
you’d ever thought
or said
You’d cut the crap
wouldn’t you?
And make the effort
to take the time
to figure out, it’s now
How to rise above
what you want most

Unnamed inside of fear,
You trip and stutter to even utter
that thing you need,
that gnawing
and achy
validation inflaming
every one of your body’s cells

It clouds your eyes,
and twists your hips
It slides out slowly
through your throat
and stamps
heavy on your finger tips
It begs
in whispers and pleads
in pitches

And you come to me like a bird,
Looking for its feed
Like a child
for a teacher,
Like a dog for a walk to the park,
so smartly clutching
on its own lead

When all
what you have to do
is simply on your own,
open the door
and let yourself be freed

January 28, 2020


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