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Telling The Truth

I’m an imbalanced, imperfect, judgmental, needy, tempestuous, and vain “writer.” I’ve been telling people my dreams, and writing stories (in my head & on paper) my whole life. It’s my thing. But the living is hard. Work, life, bills, lovers, legal, etc.

Interacting with people is hard, because we’re all wretched in our own ways. And that’s fine.

I’m trying to be something I’m not yet, to catch up to the vision of myself that’s in my head. I still don’t know who I am.

Does any of us? 

A Helping of Storytelling

Aren’t we all changing, denying, growing, hiding in some way? All the time.

I’ve noticed people like me, even though I mostly hate them (joking, not really, idk).

The truth is we all want to feel loved, and seen. The truth is we have to give that to ourselves first. But also, sharing helps.

The most I can give other people, and myself, is my writing. Sometimes maybe good. Sometimes maybe shit.

If you read something you like, don’t be selfish or shy. Please share my links, or drop me a line. 🙏🏽

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Love, Ruth Nineke

About & Disclaimer:

I’m a writer. This is a personal website with my ideas and real life experiences and creative expressions. I don’t mean harm. I mean encouragement, inspiration, and truth. Above all, I mean my own mental stability.  If anything on this website hurts your feelings in someway, you can send a message through social media and we can discuss it. If I use a picture or artwork of yours and you want it removed, I’ll take it down. Other than that, don’t whine and bitch to me. I don’t really care. I encourage you to start your own project and find a way to positively express yourself.

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